20 Signs You Were Meant to Be a Great Energy Practitioner

Are you drawn to energy work? Do you feel a calling to help others heal and transform? If so, working with energy may be what you were intended to do.

Energy practitioners use their own and other people’s energy fields to foster healing, well-being, and transformation. In order to assist clients in releasing blockages, enhancing circulation, and balancing their energy, they employ several treatments, including massage, energy healing, and breathwork.

There are a few indications that you should pursue a career as an energy practitioner if you’re thinking about it. Here are 20 indicators that you were destined to be a successful energy practitioner:

1. You want to help others.

Many great energy workers believe that helping others is their main goal in life. If you believe that helping people is your work and that any money you make is just a bonus, you might want to consider a career in energy healing.

You can have a deep-seated desire to relieve people’s suffering and increase their happiness in addition to your goal of meeting other people’s wants and needs. Your empathic tendencies might lift someone up when they are depressed.

2. You’ve experienced mental health problems

You most certainly are not alone if you’ve experienced this kind of issue. Many people who work with energy have struggled with their own anxiety, depression, or other problems. These issues frequently occur due to how difficult and draining it may be for someone with your sensitivity to integrate into the fast-paced, fiercely competitive environment. Because we are all human, we can all experience the same issues.

3. You can identify trends and patterns quickly.

As strange as it may sound, the ability to recognize and perceive patterns might indicate natural energy healing powers. It might not be a coincidence if you can swiftly and effortlessly spot patterns in almost everything; instead, it might be an indication of your innate talents.

4. You are an outsider.

You’ve always tended to be an outsider and have felt like an outcast for the most of your life, unlike some people who crave to be the center of attention or at the forefront of social activities.

5. You’re a shy person or introvert.

This means that you are a multidimensional being who can tune into both the visible and invisible realms. This can occasionally make navigating the visible, aware world challenging, which causes you to withdraw and be more introverted than other people.

6. You can easily spot someone who is in pain.

You might have a good sense of when someone is in pain. You can often tell when someone is probably battling with trapped energies and emotions just by feeling and sensing them, without speaking to them or watching for overt, telling actions.

7. You’re curious about how to heal yourself.

The numerous energy healing procedures may interest you, from muscle testing and energy healing to chakra balancing and releasing repressed emotions. Learning about various ways to help others piques your interest, whether you’ve tried them out already or are just intrigued by them.

8. You have a connection to animals.

Your affinity for animals is evident, regardless of whether you already possess one or would desire to. Animals frequently lack the ability to express their wants and requirements, much like people who can be extremely vulnerable to their emotions and experiences. Additionally, you have enhanced senses like many animals have, which improves your capacity to support and comfort others.

9. You’re a peacemaker

Your extraordinary ability to keep calm in hostile, tense situations may be a clear indication of your particular talents. Your ability to broker agreements and maintain harmony makes you a sought-after resource for peace, whether people come to you or you go looking for them.

10. You don’t see things or people in black and white

You see things in terms of shades of grey rather than black and white or right and wrong. This characteristic enables you to connect with people on a deeper level and see and understand things that others cannot.

11. People are drawn to you

Despite your tendency to be reclusive, others could be drawn to you by your energy. Children and people in need are frequently drawn to your openness and nonjudgmental personality. People seek solace from you because of your serene temperament and keen empathy.

This also includes the fact that you listen to hear. Speaking with someone who only hears you out but doesn’t genuinely pay attention to what you’re saying might make it challenging to communicate. You may be a great listener who can comprehend what others are saying since you have a genuine desire to help others and are sympathetic. As a result, you can better understand who they are, what they need, and how you can assist them.

12. You’re unique compared to the people you hang out with.

Even while each of us is unique and diverse in our own ways, if you’re a prospective energy healer, your differences from your friends and those around you can be very noticeable. You might not only behave and think in different ways, but you might also like distinct interests and ways of spending your free time.

13. You frequently experience lucid dreams

Energy healers can experience particularly vivid nightmares. Your heightened receptivity to energies and emotions can frequently significantly impact your subconscious as you sleep and can lead to vivid nightmares. If you are experiencing frequent nightmares, it is important to take steps to protect yourself energetically and to ensure that you are taking proper care of your physical, mental, and emotional health. This also includes delving into the energy practitioner career, which would help you manage your energy better.

14. You have the ability to manage your own energy.

Another skill that energy healers may have is the capacity to manage the energy within and around them. You could be able to discriminate between energies and modify them for your own personal balance and the balance of people around you, unlike others who have little control over their emotions and energy.

15. You have physical sensations you don’t understand and can’t explain

Do you frequently feel neck, shoulders, joints, or head pain? Do you or have you ever endured persistent, irrational physical pain? These traits show in a lot of energy healers and spiritual practitioners, as they are often sensitive to the energetic shifts in their environment. Additionally, physical pain can be a sign of energetic blockages or imbalances, which energy healers can help you identify and clear as well as manage and control.

16. You prioritize the needs of others before your own.

You may frequently put your own needs or other crucial considerations on the back burner in an unwavering endeavor to end the misery of others. Your natural tendency is to give, help, alleviate, and comfort others regardless of the inconvenience or risk of loss for yourself.

17. You get advice requests from people.

Your energy may draw individuals in a way that makes you a target for those seeking life counsel, direction, and assistance. Regardless of your self-assurance, capacity to discover your purpose, or ability to respond to your own urgent inquiries, you’re probably quite good at helping others as they navigate the highs and lows of life.

18. You feel inspired to encourage others to experience higher states of consciousness

Do you sense a change in the collective awareness of humanity? Do you have a strong desire to assist those around you in developing their spiritual and emotional intelligence? These qualities may be present in someone who is interested in energy healing.

19. You can sense changes in the weather

Perhaps you have an enhanced sense of energy that enables you to pick up on minute things that others miss. For instance, you might discover that you can notice weather changes earlier than the average person. Those who practice alternative healing methods frequently have this quality, known as weather sensitivity.

20. You find solitude in nature.

You might get a sense of belonging while you’re in the presence of nature because you serve as a link between people and the natural world. The more time and effort you spend in the outdoors, whether you’re meditating in the mountains, reading by a river, or taking a walk along the beach, the better you might get at your abilities. 

Wrapping it up

If you identify with several of these signs, becoming an energy practitioner might be your destiny. There are many resources online if you’re interested in learning more about energy work. You can also discover training courses and seminars that can help you get the abilities and information needed to succeed as an energy practitioner.

Always remember that there is no ideal route to becoming an energy practitioner. The most crucial thing is to listen to your emotions and act according to your gut instinct. You could be pleasantly surprised by how much you like it and how much you can do for other people.

If you possess all or some of these traits, a career in energy healing might be the perfect calling for you. Become an Emotion Code Practitioner or Body Code Practitioner today and discover the power and joy of helping those around you in need.

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