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Abundance Breakthrough -10 sessions . Blast Away your Money Blocks for good

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Abundance Breakthrough –10 sessions . Blast Away your Money Blocks for good

 I will perform 10 Abundance Breakthrough Healing sessions for clearing Abundance blocks, financial blocks and money blocks.

Do you have “blocks” preventing your financial success, overwhelmed in debt, worry about making ends meet, lack the motivation to go after your dreams?!

The Abundance Breakthrough uncovers blocks to financial abundance and prosperity. This guide tests statements such as do you deserve to have abundance? or are you worthy of success? The Body Code is a window into the subconscious to identify the underlying reasons for hidden beliefs, self-worth and scarcity issues around money.

If your subconscious doesn’t believe you deserve abundance, you won’t achieve it. We delete these problematic energies to bring the subconscious mind into alignment with the conscious in order to achieve abundance.

If our subconscious is in abundance mode, amazing things start to happen! We can shift into a life of ease and success. This in-depth system assesses your financial goals and releases any blockages that may prevent you from achieving them in just 10 sessions.


My 10 abundance healing breakthrough sessions will remove everything that stands in your way of achieving REAL career success and financial security. Here is the details of 10 sessions.

  •  5 Sessions of heart wall clearing
  • 3 body code healing session for abundance blocks clearing
  • 1 Chakra healing session for removing blockages from chakras
  • 1 Emotion Code healing session for abundance blocks clearing

Abundance healing


*Added bonus in this package- The Heart-Wall Clearing~

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, the greatest discovery in Energy Healing is the Heart Wall and clearing the layers of trauma around the heart. Trapped Emotions can create a wall around your heart affecting your ability to give and receive love. This really affects your relationships, your career and your well-being. The Heart Wall often creates that feeling in the chest that we call heartache. 93% of people have Heart Wall. If you are dealing with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD or other emotional disorders, this may be a very powerful procedure for you.


I am a certified Reiki Master, Reiki healer, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner , Certified Body Code Practitioner and powerful Spiritual Healer. I am also an Energy Healer and Intuitive. 💖I love helping people get healthier & feel better emotionally.



reiki for money

Following your energy abundance session, you’ll soon begin to notice changes in your life that will help you to move in the direction that’s best for your career and financial security.

  • Remove negative energy blockages
  • Amplify your creative potential
  • Enhance your career prospects
  • Boost financial security
  • Achieve REAL abundance

If you need help enhancing your career prospects or need to improve your financial security, I will perform these abundance session for career and financial success.

Get an edge over your competition! Allow me to help you take your first step towards a happier, securer, more abundant future for you and your family.


What I Will Need from You for remote healing session:

• Name of the person needing the treatment
• Country
• Date of birth
• Picture ( optional but better )


Order now to begin your healing process and start to feel whole again.

How To Schedule A Abundance Healing Session?

After you have paid for a Sessions, You need to book the sessions using filling up the form below.  We will set up a schedule for a these 10 sessions and will follow up with you to discuss the healing Session procedure.

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.

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Rated 5 out of 5
September 27, 2022

I felt some lightness and it seems it has had some effect. I’m happy to buy this, worked better than some other methods I have tried.


I felt way better after getting this done. Highly recommend!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 25, 2022

I felt way better after getting this done. Highly recommend!


Same day service, very prompt and timely.

Rated 5 out of 5
September 24, 2022

Same day service, very prompt and timely.


Very professional service and helpful.

Rated 5 out of 5
September 23, 2022

Very professional service and helpful.


So, everyone that reads this review, please read carefully

Rated 5 out of 5
September 21, 2022

So, everyone that reads this review, please read carefully, cause I’m about to give you a positive review like never before. So I have an energy healer that I go to every once in a while, aligns me, repairs my aura, pulls cords, fixes me right up. She’s actually the reason I’ve went from taking 5 meds, to only one. The beauty of energy healers, Umer Most DEFINITELY included. Cause, the thing is, Umer didn’t have to tell me anything, my private healer did, and SHE couldn’t explain why, but I can. I had my aura read by my private healer, and she told me why I was feeling the way I felt, and explained that some of these issues were the result of spells going bad. During my healing, I had purchased a spell/curse removal from Umer. After my healer finished repairing, she mentioned a negative energy was removed. Umer ❤


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