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Did You Know That Your Subconscious Mind Creates 97% of Your Reality?

PSYCH-K Offers a Pathway to a Better life by Transforming Harmful Belief Patterns.
PSYCH-K Can Enhance Problem-Solving Abilities, Strengthen Relationships, Drive Success, and Help Manage Various Health issues Related to Mind, Body, and Spirit.

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What is PSYCH-K?

PSYCH-K is a set of principles and processes designed to change subconscious beliefs that influence the way you perceive the world. It stands for “Psychological Kinesiology.” Developed by Rob Williams in 1988, it is a method that combines various tools for change derived from contemporary neuroscience research, as well as ancient mind/body wisdom.

The key premise of PSYCH-K is that our beliefs, often established in childhood, strongly affect our adult life, including our well-being, personal relationships, and even professional success. These beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind. PSYCH-K uses a variety of techniques to help individuals reprogram these subconscious beliefs, aligning them more closely with conscious goals and desires.

The process often involves muscle testing to communicate with the subconscious mind, along with other techniques to create a “whole-brain state.” This state is believed to facilitate communication between the conscious and subconscious minds, making it easier to transform limiting beliefs into supportive ones.

Video: PSYCH-K High Speed Mindset Change

How Does PSYCH-K Work?

PSYCH-K is a method used for personal growth and transformation, which involves a series of processes aimed at changing subconscious beliefs that can impact various aspects of one’s life. The technique is based on the premise that many of our beliefs are formed in childhood and can unconsciously guide our behaviors and responses as adults. Changing these subconscious beliefs is said to help in achieving a more positive and fulfilling life.

Here’s a general overview of how PSYCH-K typically works:

1. Identifying Limiting Beliefs: The first step involves identifying the limiting beliefs that are supposedly holding an individual back. These beliefs might be related to self-esteem, personal power, relationships, health, or other aspects of life.

2. Balancing Process: The core of PSYCH-K is the ‘balancing’ process, where an individual works to change these limiting beliefs into more empowering ones. This involves a series of steps that usually combine mental and physical aspects, often including verbal affirmations and specific body postures or movements. This process is believed to facilitate a “whole-brain state,” which is considered optimal for changing subconscious beliefs.

3. Muscle Testing: PSYCH-K often uses muscle testing (a form of applied kinesiology) to communicate with the subconscious mind. The idea is that the body’s muscle strength can vary in response to positive or negative statements, thereby revealing subconscious beliefs.

4. Integration: After changing a belief, the individual is typically guided through a process to integrate this change into their life, which may involve visualizing or planning for how these changes will manifest in their behavior and experiences.

How Does PSYCH-K Session Work?

What Are the Benefits of PSYCH-K?

PSYCH-K offers a pathway to a better life by transforming harmful belief patterns. This shift can lead to changes in feelings, actions, and overall life experiences. As a potent tool, it can enhance problem-solving abilities, strengthen relationships, boost leadership skills, drive success, and help manage various health issues related to mind, body, and spirit. These include:

• Allergies
• Addictions
• Headaches and migraines
• Sleep problems
• Grief and loss
• Anger management
• Low self-esteem
• Fears and phobias
• Physical and emotional trauma
• Stress and anxiety
• Emotional distress
• Learning challenges


Why Do I Need a PSYCH-K Session?

Deciding whether you need a PSYCH-K session is a personal choice and depends on various factors, including your goals, beliefs, and current life circumstances. PSYCH-K is often sought by individuals who are looking for alternative or complementary methods to support their personal development and well-being. Here are some reasons why someone might consider a PSYCH-K session:

1. Desire for Personal Change: If you’re looking to make changes in your life, whether in behavior, emotions, or thought patterns, and traditional methods haven’t been effective, PSYCH-K might be an option to explore.

2. Addressing Limiting Beliefs: PSYCH-K is designed to help individuals identify and transform subconscious beliefs that are seen as limiting or obstructive. If you feel that your beliefs are holding you back in any area of life, this approach might be appealing.

3. Stress and Anxiety Management: For those struggling with stress or anxiety, especially if it’s believed to stem from subconscious thoughts or beliefs, PSYCH-K sessions are sometimes sought as a way to achieve a more relaxed and positive mindset.

4. Enhancing Self-Esteem and Confidence: If you’re struggling with low self-esteem or lack of confidence, PSYCH-K might be considered a way to work on these issues by altering your underlying beliefs about yourself.

5. Improving Relationships: If you suspect that your subconscious beliefs are impacting your relationships negatively, PSYCH-K might be seen as a tool to help in changing those patterns.

6. Spiritual Growth: Individuals interested in exploring or deepening their spiritual journey might find PSYCH-K appealing, especially if they are interested in the connection between beliefs and their spiritual life.

7. Complementary Approach: Some might choose PSYCH-K as a complement to other therapies or treatments they are already undergoing, especially if they are open to holistic and alternative approaches.

The PSYCH-K Session Has Helped People With???

PSYCH-K sessions have been reported by some individuals to help with a variety of issues, People who have found PSYCH-K helpful often report improvements in the following areas:

1. Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Some individuals report that PSYCH-K has helped them manage and reduce their levels of stress and anxiety, possibly by changing underlying beliefs that contribute to these feelings.

2. Self-Esteem and Confidence: By working to replace negative self-beliefs with more positive ones, PSYCH-K sessions are said to boost self-esteem and confidence in some people.

3. Behavioral Changes: People have used PSYCH-K to help change certain behaviors or habits, believing that altering subconscious beliefs is key to making these changes last.

4. Improved Relationships: By addressing and altering beliefs about oneself and others, PSYCH-K is claimed to help improve communication, understanding, and overall satisfaction in personal relationships.

5. Performance Enhancement: This can include improved performance in areas such as sports, academics, or professional endeavors, by removing mental barriers to success.

6. Emotional Wellbeing: Some people turn to PSYCH-K to help with emotional issues, seeking a greater sense of inner peace, happiness, and emotional balance.

7. Physical Health: Changing negative beliefs can positively impact physical health. However, It should be approached with caution, and PSYCH-K should never replace conventional medical treatment.

8. Spiritual Growth: For those on a spiritual path, PSYCH-K is sometimes used as a tool for personal and spiritual growth, helping to align subconscious beliefs with spiritual values.

9. Coping with Life Transitions: People facing significant life changes, such as career shifts, relationship changes, or major decisions, sometimes find support in PSYCH-K for navigating these transitions.

10. Overcoming Trauma and Past Experiences: Some use PSYCH-K in an attempt to heal from past traumas or negative experiences, believing that changing how they subconsciously perceive these events can aid in healing.

PSYCH-K Session info

A PSYCH-K® session is a straightforward and impactful method to alter limiting beliefs in your subconscious that prevent you from achieving your life goals.

You’ll describe your current challenges in booking form. I as a PSYCH-K Facilitator assists you in pinpointing and altering subconscious beliefs that hinder your progress towards your goals.

I employs a unique mix of techniques, including Muscle Testing, Whole-Brain Integration, and Goal Clarification, to facilitate direct communication with your subconscious mind. This allows for the safe and efficient transformation of these beliefs. The process, known as Balance, creates harmony between the brain’s left and right hemispheres, ensuring smooth and effective subconscious changes.

As a Certified PSYCH-K Preferred Facilitator, I offer remote sessions to help change your beliefs. In these PSYCH-K Sessions, we aim to eliminate root imbalances linked to issues you’re facing. Each session usually focuses on 1 or 2 main concerns, targeting the underlying negative and limiting beliefs that might be causing these problems in your life. I will either install new empowering beliefs to support or transform the stress that is causing this issue. I will also send a detailed report via email, outlining the specific beliefs that have been installed in your subconscious mind during session.

In our PSYCH-K sessions, we use surrogation, an advanced energy therapy technique, to identify and transform negative beliefs efficiently. This method is as effective as in-person meetings, but more convenient and time-saving. You won’t need to travel or wait in a clinic; you can comfortably relax at home while I conduct your session.

This technique aligns with the principles of non-local healing in quantum physics, meaning there are no geographical limits to who can benefit from this work. Whether you’re in a different city, state, or even continent, I can work on your energy. I have clients globally.

After booking your session, I’ll reach out via email to collect essential details like your name, age, the nature and severity of your issue, and a photograph. Rest assured, you can keep certain information private, and any details you provide will be confidential, used solely to enhance your session’s effectiveness.

How Many PSYCH-K Sessions Will I Need

The number of PSYCH-K® sessions required varies from person to person, as it largely depends on the individual’s unique situation and goals. Some factors to consider include:

1. Complexity of the Issue: Simpler issues may require fewer sessions, while more complex or deep-rooted challenges could necessitate more.

2. Personal Responsiveness: Each individual responds differently to PSYCH-K®. Some may experience significant shifts in a single session, while others might need additional sessions to fully process and integrate the changes.

3. Multiple Goals or Beliefs: If you have several goals or a range of limiting beliefs you wish to address, more sessions may be needed to work through each of them effectively.

4. Progress and Adjustments: As you progress, your needs might change, and additional sessions can help refine or adjust the focus as required.

5. Personal Growth and Development: Some people choose to have ongoing sessions as part of their personal growth journey, even after addressing their initial concerns.Typically, after the first session, you can gauge a better understanding of how many more sessions might be beneficial for you. Remember, the journey with PSYCH-K is highly individualized, and the number of sessions is flexible to suit your personal needs and pace of change.


What I Will Need From You for The PSYCH-K Remote Healing Session

  • Name of the person needing the treatment.
  • Country
  • Date of birth
  • Issue / ailment / Goal details
  • Picture ( optional but better )

How to Book PSYCH-K Session?

After you have paid for a sessions, Fill up the booking form below. I will set up a schedule for a sessions and will follow up with you via email to discuss the PSYCH-K Session procedure.

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Very fast feel results quickly very good and balanced


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Thank you for saving me


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Umer is a lovely, empathic, gifted healer. He is the best!


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Umer is a lovely, empathic, gifted healer. He is the best!


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Umer is great at his work! Thanks for your wonderful work.


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Very knowledgeable and helpful. Helped me greatly


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Extremely kind and caring, and responds to your concerns. Very good soul


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