3 Powerful Ways To Raise Your Vibration Fast

Has something been feeling off lately? Do you feel upset, empty, lonely, or heartbroken for no reason? It’s time for an energy cleanse. Let’s learn three powerful ways for you to remove all negativity from your aura and raise your vibration fast to attract what you want.


1.   Meditation

Meditation is the most powerful way to raise your vibration and remove negative energy from your aura. You don’t have to sit still and do nothing to meditate. You can go for a meditative walk on a beach or in a park. You can also listen to the guided meditations online.

The best way to meditate is to take a 15 minutes break before you sit down/or go out for a walk. Use this 15 minutes to take some deep breaths and shift to a calm state of mind.

A Simple Visualization To Raise Your Vibration Fast & Easily

To raise your vibration, start by visualizing your aura. Imagine white light surrounding your body. Begin by grounding as this light twists and dances to form roots underneath your feet.

These roots are going down, to the center of Mother Earth helping you ground and center. Next, visualize the light above your feet forming a tornado around you. This tornado is throwing out all the negative energy from your aura body, mind, and soul.

Take some deep breaths and allow this light to do its work. After you feel that you have released all your worries, imagine this light going up in the sky connecting with the stars and bringing high vibrational light down to you and enveloping it around your aura like a blanket.

You’re now free of negativity and low vibrational energy.


2.   Changing Your Diet


Having a healthy relationship with your body is essential to maintaining your vibration. When we eat what doesn’t nourish us, it brings us down, impacts our self-image, and lowers our vibration.

Does that mean you need to be vegan? Can you not eat junk food anymore?


You need to treat your body as a living entity and build a healthy relationship with it.

Figure out what it needs and how you can best take care of it.

If you intuitively feel that you need a chocolate/ice cream and it will help you feel better, please don’t feel bad about wanting to treat yourself. If you know it in your heart that a particular snack/food item will negatively impact you, try your best to resist the temptation to eat it. You know what’s best for your body. You know what your diet needs to be. You don’t need to do the 30-day detox challenges you see online.

Your body is capable of taking care of yourself. To raise your vibration so you can attract what you want, you need to treat your body as a sacred vehicle that is gracefully carrying your spirit.


3.   Practice Mindfulness


Mindfulness doesn’t need to be about you being hundred percent focused on everything you do. Just try to be mindful of your thoughts for at least a few minutes a day. Whenever you catch yourself spiraling down, remind yourself of where you want to be. Remind yourself that you’re more cable than you realize.

If you observe that you are being consumed by negative energy, try to do a quick meditation for grounding and centering. Build a relationship with your spirit guides so they can shield you from external energies. Your guides cannot help you until you ask them.

It takes a while before you get the hang of it, but being mindful of your thoughts is the key to raising your vibration.

Raising your vibration is not just essential to the law of attraction. You don’t just need to raise your vibration to attract love, you need to be full of unconditional love to let go of negative energy and increase your spiritual vibration and frequency.

You can very quickly increase your vibration/frequency if you choose to meditate regularly and build a healthy relationship with yourself. It’s not that complicated. You just need to have faith in yourself and believe that increasing your vibration or frequency is both possible and easy.


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