How To Easily Get Rid Of Curses And Hexes?

Have you been cursed or hexed? Do you think that things are working against you? Is there anything you can do? How can you remove or get rid of a curse or a hex? Let’s talk about it!

First of all, it is important to understand that you cannot get cursed just because someone lit a candle and said some mean words. That’s not how curses work. And, a curse is not the only reason things go wrong in someone’s life. You should not use a curse to avoid owning up to your mistakes that might have led to an undesirable outcome.


How To Remove Hexes Or Curses From Yourself?


In order to undo a curse, you must first understand what a curse really is and what factors contribute to it impacting someone’s life.

To put it simply, a curse can be defined as negative energy directed toward an individual, group, organization, or location. A curse is not always malicious. It is not always intentional. Sometimes, people cast spells and curses for protection and manifestation of their desires.


Usually, for a curse to impact you, you have to have a spiritual cord with that individual. Or, sometimes, people hire others to curse someone they have a beef to settle with. That person doesn’t have any personal grudge against you. So, they channel the anger, frustration, or ill-will their client has for you to be able to curse you. These individuals may also channel negative energy through negative or demonic entities.


The first step to undoing a curse is to calm down and stop obsessing over it. Get in touch with a spiritual healer who can remove curses. Many healers use various tools, techniques, and healing modalities to undo and sometimes, reverse curses.

I use many spiritual tools and distance energy healing to remove black magic, curses, and hexes.

If you wanna remove curses in a DIY manner, start with a prayer for protection


Are Hexes Different From Curses? How To Remove A Hex Placed On You?


Hexes are usually attributed to “witches”. They are different from curses in many ways including:

  1. The intention behind them. A hex is more specific to the desired outcome than a curse.
  2. A hex is more binding than a curse.
  3. A curse can be unintentional. A hex is technically an evil spell to bring misfortune to someone. It is always intentional.
  4. A hex assumes that supernatural influences can affect a person’s fate. That believed influence is exercised while “hexing” someone. Curses are usually motivated by a desire to witness someone experience harm, hurt, pain, or misfortune.


Let’s now talk about removing a hex. Again, a spiritual healer can use a combination of many healing modalities, tools, and techniques to remove a hex. Generally, we call God via prayers and he helps us via angles then guides us to intuitively assess the damages that the hex might have caused. We then channel spiritual energy to weaken and remove the hex. We also try to undo the damages that the hex might have caused, in terms of financial, emotional, and physical losses.



A spiritual healer uses many tools and techniques to remove curses and hexes. Most of the work we do is usually intuitive and guided by spiritual beings, masters of light and angels. You can try to get rid of curses yourself. But, just like anything else, communicating with your guides takes time and practice.

If your life has been going downhill, I recommend that you contact a spiritual healer who has already taken the time to practice communicating with light beings and manipulating energy. If you want to learn how to remove hexes and curses placed on you, start with meditating and exercising your psychic muscles. With time, you will be able to master it. You will then be able to remove curses and hexes yourself.

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