How to Remove Negative Entity Using Body Code

The Body Code is a holistic healing system created by Dr. Bradley Nelson that aims to identify and correct energy imbalances in the body. The system uses muscle testing to access the subconscious mind and identify trapped emotions, imbalances, and other issues contributing to physical or emotional discomfort. Although not scientifically validated as a medical treatment, some practitioners claim it can also be used to identify and remove negative entities or energies.

Here is a simplified step-by-step process on how one might use the Body Code to remove negative entities, according to its proponents:


  1. Enter a Calm State: Find a quiet, peaceful environment where you can focus without distraction.
  2. Ground Yourself: Use breathing exercises, meditation, or other methods to ground yourself and become fully present.


  1. Muscle Testing: Use muscle testing (or kinesiology) to ask your body “yes” or “no” questions. This is believed to tap into your subconscious mind.
  2. Query the Subconscious: Ask questions to identify whether a negative entity or energy is present. You may ask, “Is there a negative entity affecting me?”

Locate the Source

  1. Further Questions: If the muscle test indicates ‘yes,’ further narrow down the source of this negative energy. Ask questions like, “Is this entity attached to a specific emotion or past event?”
  2. Identify the Type: You may also inquire into what kind of negative entity or energy it is to better understand how to address it.

Removal Process

  1. Intention and Visualization: Set a strong intention to remove the negative entity. Visualize it being enveloped in light and being removed from your energy field.
  2. Use the Body Code Chart: In the Body Code system, there may be specific charts or guides for identifying and correcting imbalances. Use muscle testing with these guides to find the best way to remove the entity.
  3. Clear the Energy: Use the method identified to clear the negative entity. This could involve emotional release techniques, affirmations, or other energy work.

Final Steps

  1. Seal the Aura: Visualize your aura being sealed off with light, to prevent future attachments.
  2. Ground Again: Finish by grounding yourself, bringing your awareness fully back into your body.
  3. Express Gratitude: Thank your body and God that you invoked during the process.

Remember, while some people claim to find relief through techniques like the Body Code, they are not a substitute for professional medical or psychological care. If you’re experiencing symptoms that may be medical or psychological, consult a qualified healthcare provider.

For those interested in professional guidance, specialized sessions are available for addressing concerns with negative entities. You can learn more about our services and book an appointment at https://www.reikihealingdistance.com/body-code/

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