Negative Spirits and Demonic Entities: How To Remove Them From Your Life, Body & House

Have you ever come across an evil spirit and demonic entity? Do you think it is harming your life? Are other people in your home being impacted by it? What can you do about it? How to remove evil spirits and negative entities from your body, life, and house? Can you do it yourself? Or do you need a healer?


As a spiritual healer, it is my responsibility to educate you to the best of my ability. When clients come to me with problems related to evil spirits and negative entities, I try my best to comfort them and help them understand the truth of the matter.


It is important to seek help from a healer, shaman, or sage if you are concerned about a negative entity. That doesn’t mean you can’t remove evil spirits yourself. But, your state of mind plays a powerful role in the impact you have on a negative entity.


At the very least, you need to calm down and release the fear associated with the entity. Let’s discuss how to remove negative entities from your life, body, and house individually.


How To Remove Negative Spirits From Your Body?


To remove negative spirits and entities from your body, you need to assert your right to control what impacts it.


Negative entities impacting your body don’t look nearly as dramatic as what we see in movies. Even demonic possessions aren’t as complicated.


When your body is “attacked” by negative entities and evil spirits, the first thing you notice is a change in your habits. It is possible for someone who has never drank in her life to start drinking heavily (unless they are experiencing a traumatic event) as a sign of an attack by a negative entity.


Demonic attacks can also result in a sudden loss of memory, feeling flustered and confused, and extreme anxiety. In any case, it is essential to consult a medical expert to rule out any health issue.


The best thing you can do to remove a negative entity from your body is to release the fear associated with the entity and assert your dominance over it.


No spirit should be able to impact you against your free will. But, giving up your power is a choice that you make(unintentionally). Demand that the spirit leaves your body.


I use distance energy healing to remove evil spirits and negative entities. It releases negative energy and seals your aura to any future attacks.


How To Remove Negative Entities And Evil Spirits From Your House?


Let’s now discuss how to remove negative entities and evil spirits from your house.


The best way to free your house from the impact of negative entities and evil spirits is to literally clean your house.


This may sound bizarre at first. But, usually, entities that attach to a house are the spirits that have an emotional connection to the house or someone who lives in the house. These can be ancestors or people who lived in the house while they were alive.


Or, it can be someone who was murdered or raped by a current or past resident of the house.


When you clean the house, spray some Florida water in all the corners of the house. Or, you can also smudge your house with white sage. In any case, your intention is what matters more than any tool available in the market.


How To Permanently Remove Negative Entities And Evil Spirits From Your Life?


To eliminate negative entities and evil spirits from your life, I recommend that you resolve not to feed them with your fear and negative emotions.


Spirits can only affect your life if you open a door to allow them in.


Meditate for a few minutes and affirm your power. Demand that any negative entity or evil spirit leaves you. Imagine the spirit returning to God and slamming the main door of your house shut to affirm that they are not welcome in your life.


Removing negative entities and evil spirits from your house doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s very simple. The only thing that you need to do is affirm that nothing can impact you without your permission.


Final Words


Having learned how to remove negative entities and evil spirits from your body, life, and home, I hope you feel empowered and realize you have more power than anything else.


If you need help with removing negative entities and spirits from your life, please feel free to contact me.



I am Umer, a Certified Emotion Code/ Body Code Practitioner, Reiki Master and Energy Healer. I love helping people get healthier and feel better emotionally.

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