Retaliation or Interference: Understanding Why Entities Target Healers to Disrupt Their Healing Missions

The concept of “Retaliation or Interference” by entities in the context of spiritual or energy healers is rooted in various spiritual and metaphysical beliefs. According to these beliefs, certain entities may have the intention or capacity to disrupt or negatively influence individuals, particularly those involved in spiritual or healing work. Here’s a more detailed explanation:


  1. Targeting Healers: In some belief systems, entities are thought to be capable of recognizing individuals who actively work in healing or spiritual practices. Healers often engage in activities that are believed to cleanse, heal, or remove negative energies or entities from people or places.
  2. Motivation for Retaliation: If a healer successfully removes or diminishes these entities’ influence in a particular situation, the entities might “retaliate” against the healer. This is similar to the concept of a person or group retaliating when their interests are threatened or when they are removed from a position of power or influence.
  3. Forms of Retaliation: This can manifest in various ways, from causing disturbances in the healer’s personal energy field to more tangible effects like disruptions in their home environment or personal life.


  1. Preventing Healing Work: Entities might also actively interfere with healers’ work. The idea is that by disrupting the healer’s energy, focus, or environment, the entity hampers the healer’s ability to perform their healing practices effectively.
  2. Reasons for Interference: The motivation might be to maintain their influence or presence, either in a specific location, within a particular individual, or in a broader sense.
  3. Methods of Interference: This could include creating confusion, instilling doubt, causing fatigue or illness, or even influencing others around the healer to create conflicts or challenges.

Underlying Beliefs:

  • Entities as Conscious Beings: This concept operates on the belief that certain entities have a level of consciousness and intention that allows them to interact with and affect the physical world and the people in it, especially those sensitive to or engaged with spiritual or energetic realms.
  • Healers as Threats to Negative Entities: Healers, due to their work in manipulating, altering, or transforming energy, might be perceived as threats by these entities.

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