How to Overcome Abundance Blocks and Achieve Your Goals

Do you feel that you aren’t living the life you were intended to live? Do you think you’re not using all of your potential? If so, you might have abundance blocks. In your endeavors, these obstacles can really hold you back, so keep reading to learn how to stay clear of them.

What Are Abundances Blocks?

Abundance blocks are limiting subconscious beliefs we have regarding a particular idea that have been entrenched in our thoughts from childhood. Let’s say there is a lady called Lucy, who was raised in a home where money was difficult to come by. Her parents had a lot of debt and frequently had trouble making ends meet. Lucy was exposed to phrases like “money doesn’t grow on trees,” “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer,” and all of her parents’ fears about there never being enough throughout her upbringing. Sara used these concepts as building blocks toward plenty. Now that she is an adult, she notices that she is continuing her parents’ habits and that, despite her best efforts, she cannot get out of debt.

So, does manifesting not seem to be working for you? At the very least, not to your satisfaction? Is there anything preventing you? Then this article is for you! You will get to know how to get  overcome abundance Blocks easily.

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How to Clear Abundance Blocks

To remove your abundant blockages, follow these three steps:

  • Identify your sources of abundance blocks.
  • Review your main blocks.
  • Reprogramme your subconscious thinking to eliminate abundance blocks.

Identifying Abundance Blocks

Before working to remove your abundance blocks, you must first understand your situation on a deeper level. You can’t totally unpack and clear abundance blocks if you don’t know what they are. Your emotional past will continue to haunt you and impact your present and future choices. You can make use of a wide range of resources and techniques to pinpoint your abundance blocks. In essence, you’re trying to find information that isn’t immediately visible to your conscious mind.

Journaling, meditation, talking to someone, and hypnosis are a few techniques you can use to delve a little deeper beyond the surface to overcome abundance blocks. By journaling, you can visualize your thoughts and put them on paper. It can be tough to locate and comprehend our ideas while they are operating automatically. It is much simpler to spot patterns in life when you take the time to contemplate and write down the thoughts running through your head, the reasons you feel the way you do, and the experiences you have. Emotional and behavioural patterns are accurate markers of active subconscious programs.

Meditation is the process of becoming aware. Slowing your brain down and becoming conscious of your thoughts and why you’re having them is tremendously beneficial when discovering subconscious blockages. When combined with writing, you can discover a lot of thoughts and feelings and witness them in real time.

Speaking to someone allows us to hear our anxieties spoken aloud rather than only in our imaginations. Often, verbalizing our thoughts and having someone else listen to them can help in the disarmament of subconscious programs. This can be as a friend; you don’t need treatment or a coach.

Another great method for interacting deeply with the subconscious mind is hypnosis. You can witness what is happening deep inside when under hypnosis since it permits you to descend below the analytical mind. A skilled hypnotist can lead you on an emotional and mental journey that can reveal things that are hidden.

Review Your Main Blocks.

It’s time to study and conceptualize your abundance blocks once you’ve determined what they are. To be able to clear these abundance blocks, you must first understand why you hold onto them. When thinking about your abundant obstacles, frequently examining your thoughts and feelings is sufficient to begin overcoming them. You should consider your abundance blocks in the context of time.

What life lessons have you learned that have shaped your current worldview? The more you understand why, the easier it will be for you to analyze the reasons why you could think otherwise. Try to determine the possible planting date of the block. You should also determine whether this abundance block genuinely prevents you from moving forward and achieving your goals. Working on your primary blocks should come first.

Analyzing while journaling is also advantageous. It is simpler to work through it so you don’t lose any specifics about why that abundance block is there and how to get rid of it when you can see everything written out in front of you.

Reprogram Your Subconscious Thinking To Eliminate Abundance Blocks.

Are you ready for your dreams to come true? If you are, you have to start with removing abundance blocks. But how can you clear abundance blocks? There are a lot of ways of doing this, but the most straightforward way is to swap out your old beliefs and thinking for more advantageous ones. Rewriting your story about what you believe is all that is necessary to overcome abundance blocks and obstacles to prosperity.

The fact is, we all hold the opinions we do due to events in our life. We created our current beliefs and behaviors based on our upbringing, events from the past, and learned behaviors. We learned our beliefs; they weren’t anything we were born with.

We can teach ourselves new ones that are more potent than the ones we already know because we already know them. Block identification and analysis are helpful in this situation. Understanding the rationale behind a belief makes it simpler to dismantle the pillars that support it.

You need to repeat new beliefs consistent with creating abundance to replace your abundance blocks. You must gradually embed the new concepts that will shape your brand-new identity. You can use negative emotions to produce a strongly good experience instead, such as when you start getting ready for the day and feel like you don’t want to go to step out that day.

Think of the exact opposite of whatever the negative emotion is. How would your day change if you wanted to start working to generate more abundance? How would you behave? Describe yourself.

When you sense the emotions that hold you back, switch them around and feel the emotions that will enable you to succeed. Your body and brain’s chemical composition will change. As a result, beginning the process of creating new pathways for success. Additionally, you can employ journaling and meditation to aid with this process. You can discover and identify some of your abundance blocks when you’re in a state of meditation; after that, all you have to do is picture yourself accepting and embracing the opposite reality.

When you keep a journal, it’s simple to see how you can change your beliefs. Write down your obstacles and unfavorable thoughts (Abundance blocks), then immediately write the exact opposite. Doing this lets you look over your constructive options each day and implant them in your subconscious. As you proceed, you’ll start to adopt these new convictions as fact and behave accordingly.


You now understand how to clear abundance blocks if they enter your life. Your reality will shift significantly and swiftly once you can accomplish this removal consistently. Remember that blocks are merely unconscious programming that needs to be turned around to be effective and progressive. To understand and clear any abundance blocks , book a session with me . Here is the link

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